2020 Contest Winners

2020 Contest Winners – Suicide Prevention

* First Place: “By Your Side”
San Diego, California
School: Rancho Bernardo High School
Filmmakers: Sania Bhatia, Kate Ahn, Sophia Calcagno & Gordon Buck
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Second Place: “The Inner Flame”
Los Angeles, California
School: Warren High School
Filmmakers:Wendy Obispo & Silvia Obispo
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Third Place: “Lockdown Breakdown”
Elk Grove, California
School: Franklin High School
Filmmaker: Tania Brooks
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Fourth Place: “Stay”
Westminster, California
School: La Quinta High School Creative Writing
Filmmakers: Kimbill Ly, Benson Truong, Terry Nguyen, Cattu Do, Johnathan Phan, Kenneth Tran
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Fifth Place: “The Phone Call”
Dallas, Texas
School: Sachse High School
Filmmaker: Yu-Jung Lin
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Honorable Mentions

“Culture Does Not Define Me”
Westminster, California
School: La Quinta High School NAMI on Campus
Filmmakers: Karen Nguyen, Kathleen Nguyen, Michelle Lee, Jane Le, Titania Le , Gina Ngo, Cindy Pham, Kelsy Hua & Andrea Tran
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“The Lies We Tell Ourselves”
Upland, California
School: Upland High School
Filmmakers: Naomi Olmos, Taylor Stute & Katelyn Twombly
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“You Are Not Alone”
Rocklin, California
School: Whitney High School
Filmmaker: Armaan Sharma
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2020 Contest Winners – Animated Short

* First Place: “Audience of One”
Westminster, California
La Quinta High School Creative Writing
Filmmaker: Keanu Hua, Brian Ly, Kayla Nguyen and Alexa Wright
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Second Place: “Notice The Signs”
Upland, California
Upland High School
Filmmaker: Sarah Chu
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Third Place: “Reach Out to Help”
Wimberly, Texas
School: Katherine Anne Porter School
Filmmaker: Ingram Gray
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